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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 10, 2014 12:00am-12:31am JST

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. welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here is a look at some of the stories we are following this hour. a spokesman for pakistan's largest islamic militant group has told nhk it is responsible for the deadly attack on an airport in karachi. the japanese subsidiary of novartis says up to 10,000 people may have suffered side effects from two drugs used to treat leukemia. a japanese couple is
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crafting replicas of building destroyed ntd 2011 tsunami and helping people heal along the way. the largest insurgent group in pakistan says it's responsible for an attack on the international airport. this is in the southern city of karachi. the assault killed at least 29 people. patchari raksawong in bangkok is following the story. pakistan's economic nerve is karachi, overnight attack came as tensions between the insurgents and the government of prime minister remain at an all-time high. nhk world reports. >> reporter: the insurgents launched their attack on the airport on sunday night. they moved in forcefully using machine guns and rocket launchers. the security forces responded but it still took them five hours before they regained control of the facility. the islamist militant group pakistani taliban has claimed
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responsibility. last month pakistani forces staged an air strike on an islamic stronghold in north waziristan in the country's northwest. the military says at least 60 people were killed. over the past seven years, thousands of people have died in terrorist attacks in pakistan. when prime minister sharif took office last year, pakistanis put high expectations on his administration to get the situation under control. he's been seeking peace through dialogue with the insurgents. his team met with representatives of the insurgents for talks. retaliatory attacks by both
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sides have continued and the dialogue has been suspended. and now with the latest attack, prospects for resolving the crisis appear dim. there is growing concern that the cycle of violence will only continue. nazar islam, nhk world, islamabad. a flash flood in northern india swept away more than 20 students. at least four of them drowned. rescuers continue to search for the remaining missing. police say a group of university students was taking photographs on sunday near a river. a sudden surge of water caught them off guard. the flooding came from a reservoir three kilometers
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upstream. survivors say they received no warning that the dam's floodgates had been opened. >> translator: it was not difficult for the government to take precautions. i feel there's been a great lapse and an inquiry must take place. this matter must not be taken lightly. >> this is not the first time that people living downstream of reservoirs in india have died after authorities released water without prior notice. a group of filipino and vietnamese soldiers have taken part in an event to show their countries are ready to stand side by side against china. they gathered on a disputed island in the south china sea not for military maneuvers but rather for several rounds of sports. the contest took place on
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southwest cay in the spratley islands where two teams faced off for several gruelling matches of tug of war, soccer and volleyball. they wanted to demonstrate their good relationship. a chinese spokesperson responded sharply. >> translator: don't you think this small move by vietnam and the philippines is at most a clumsy farce? china has irrefutable sovereignty over the surrounding waters and we demand that they stop behavior that could cause a quarrel and spark trouble. >> the island is effectively controlled by vietnam but is also claimed by the philippines. the two countries have been appealing for international support for their separate territorial claims. china claims sovereignty over almost all of the south china sea, including southwest kay. that's going to wrap up our bulletin. i'm patchari raksawong in bangkok.
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prime minister shinzo abe continues to enjoy the support of the japanese public. results of an nhk poll suggest a majority of voters are satisfied with the job he's doing but they're divided over one issue, exercising the right to defend closely-related countries under armed attacks or collective self-defense. nhk conducted a phone interview this past weekend. more than 1,000 people answered. 52% said they support abe's cabinet. that's down four percentage points from our may poll. 32% said they don't back the cabinet. our pollsters asked about whether japan should be allowed to exercise its right to collective self-defense.
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lawmakers from japan's ruling parties began talks on the issue last month. 26% approved of the idea. but the same number disapproved. previous leaders have interpreted the constitution as prohibiting exercising the right. 22% of respondents said they approve of abe's willingness to change the interpretation of the constitution. that's down five percentage points from last month. 33% disapproved and 40% said neither. japanese prime minister abe says he wants widespread approval when it comes to security policymaking, but nhk opinion polls suggest that may be difficult to achieve. senior members of the liberal democratic party have officially begun discussing the issue with their coalition partner new komeito. but the junior partner members are cautious, and abe has his work cut out, even within his own ruling bloc. mayuko ambe gives us some insight. >> it's been abe's long-held goal for japan to be able to exercise the right to collective
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self-defense. >> translator: i want to make legal adjustments that will allow us to deal with any situation in a seamless manner. i'd like the two parties to progress with the talks from that position. >> the liberal democratic party and new komeito have begun their talks on allowing collective self-defense under certain conditions by reinterpreting the constitution. interparty discussions have been held four times, but so far they haven't gotten very far. new komeito leaders have been cautious all along over the issue. the party's platform includes the goal of realizing a peaceful international community. members fear that approving the reinterpretation may lead to the self-defense forces getting involved in conflicts abroad. abe emphasizes that exercising the right is limited to cases when japan's security could be seriously affected.
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but new komeito members are afraid that once japan is allowed to defend allies under attack, it'll be hard to draw a line on how far its forces could go. new komeito is mostly supported by a lay buddhist organization, which according to its website, consists of more than 8 million households in japan. the body's p.r. office recently released a judgment saying it supports the government's long standing position that the constitution forbids exercising collective self-defense. the liberal democrats and new komeito first became coalition partners in 1999. they've cooperated not only on business in the diet but have also built up electoral
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cooperation in both national and local votes, including times when the parties were not in power. abe won the 2012 lower house election by a landslide, but his liberal democrats still don't have a majority on their own in the upper house. so the two-party partnership is vital to the abe administration. >> translator: individual differences do not directly lead to dissolving our coalition. otherwise, we wouldn't have joined hands in the first place. >> new komeito leaders have repeated that they do not intend to dissolve the partnership over this issue. and, at the same time, it's not easy for the party to ignore the objections of its supporters. so they want to put off the discussion. abe's been saying he expects a thorough discussion among the ruling parties. but he also wants cabinet approval of the revision by the end of the current diet session on june 22nd, saying he has no plans to extend the term. there may be more political maneuvering ahead as the date draws closer. a pharmaceutical company says about 10,000 people in japan may have suffered side
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effects from two drugs used to treat leukemia. novartis phrma says some of the cases could be serious. the company has released the results of an in-house investigation conducted in april. the health ministry found novartis phrma didn't inform authorities about 30 cases of serious side effects. so they ordered the probe. the company now says its employees overlooked up to 10,000 cases in the past 12 years. spokespersons say the company is investigating each case individually. in april, novartis headquarters replaced the top executives of its japanese subsidiary after a scandal involving clinical studies on the same drugs. japan's emperor, emperess,
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and other family members have said a final good-bye to prince kutsara. he passed away on sunday. he died of heart failure. he was 66 years old. the prince served as honorary president of the japan, australian, new zealand society. he had surgery for a brain hemorrhage in 1988. he later carried out his official duties in a wheelchair. the emperor and emperess bid farewell to the prince. they took part in the right to lay the body in a coffin. the crown prince also paid his respects. the funeral is to be held in a cemetery in tokyo on tuesday next week. japanese managers are more optimistic about the business climate. they've been reinvesting in their companies. government officials say that's making the economy grow faster than they'd expected. gross domestic product rose 1.6% in real terms in the january to
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march period from the previous quarter. that works out to an annualized growth rate of 6.7%. cabinet office officials estimated last month that the figure would be 5.9%. they say managers in the transportation and financial sectors invested more than they'd projected. consumers spent more as well. people rushed out to buy things that they wanted before the government raised the consumption tax in april. and some more good news today for japan's government. ordinary people are saying that they are feeling the benefits of the improving economy. consumer sentiment is up for the first time in six months. officials at the cabinet office say consumer confidence in may stood at 39.3. that's up 2.3 points from the previous month. the official survey, 8,400 households every month, asking for their spending outlook for the next half year. officials attribute the rise to recovering stock prices and the improving job market. they say increases in wages at many companies also helped to boost sentiment. they have revised up the overall assessment of consumer confidence for the first time in eight months saying that it is showing signs of recovery.
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japanese government officials are also seeing indications that the impact of the sales tax hike in april is already waning. another survey indicates the sentiment among working people has improved. the economy watchers survey also by the cabinet office shows the sentiment index went up 3.5 points in may to 45.1. cabinet officials asked more than 2,000 people nationwide what they thought about the economy. many responded that major retail stores, restaurants and other places reported that sales had recovered following a plunge in april due to the higher tax. japanese finance ministry officials have added up the broadest measure of trade and investment with the rest of the world and found surplus in the current account is just a fraction of what it was a year ago. ministry officials say the surplus dipped to $1.8 billion, the smallest it's been in april since 1982. a year ago, it reached more than
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$7 billion. the figure was dragged down by a deficit in trade. the shortfall was about $7.6 billion. the largest it's ever been for april. the officials point to the weaker yen which pushed up import value of liquified natural gas. spending by foreign tourists helped drive up the travel account. for the first time in nearly 44 years, they spent more than japanese tourists spent abroad. business owners also earned more in foreign dividends and interest payments. the income account hit a surplus $17.8 billion but that figure was smaller than the year before. many democrats in the u.s. say they would choose a woman who has already spent time in the white house to become their
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next president. the results of a poll suggest hillary clinton would have a commanding lead heading into the 2016 presidential campaign. the pollsters were from abc news and "the washington post." they asked democrats and those leaning towards the party who they would vote for, results suggest, 69% favor clinton while 12% choose vice president joe biden. voters were also asked about clinton's job performance as secretary of state. 59% approved regardless of their party affiliation. 34% did not. overall, 67% of americans said they view clinton as a strong leader. pollsters also asked people who they would vote for if the democratic candidate was clinton and the republican candidate was senator rand paul. 53% said they would vote for clinton and 43% chose paul. a south korean ferry accident in april has prompted japanese operators of such vessels to review their safety
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procedures. one of them held a fire drill on a ship docked in kobe, western japan. the exercise was conducted as if a fire had broken out on the vessel while it was cruising. the crew carried out fire extinguishing preparations and told staff acting as passengers to stand by. the boat's skipper says containing such a blaze would be impossible and ordered an evacuation of those on board. the crew also practiced procedures for leading passengers and lowering lifeboats. the sinking of the ferry "sewol" left more than 300 people dead or missing. authorities indicted 15 of the ship's crew for failing to save passengers. the captain and three others face charges of homicide for abandoning ship. their trial is to start on tuesday. a japanese couple is using their tiny treasures to help
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cheer up survivors of the 2011 tsunami. the man and wife team began crafting miniatures as a hobby. but after the disaster, they shifted their focus to creating replicas of buildings in the affected areas. they do this with the help of survivors who find comfort in providing the finer details. >> reporter: this replica of a butcher shop looks very much like the real one. the slices of meat are about five millimeters thick. there's even a miniature price tag. this couple created the replica together. they began making miniatures of their hometown ten years ago. >> translator: i hope that people who see the miniatures will feel like visiting these places.
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>> reporter: the couple has produced about 40 miniatures so far. each model takes several months to complete. they're currently working on a miniature of a morning market at port. the market is a 60-year-old event. hachinohu lost many fishing vessels. they were washed away in the 2011 tsunami. the disaster has had a lasting effect on the couple's craft work. they want their work to cheer up survivors. on this day, they brought their miniatures to the morning market. it's near a railway station and
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attracts visitors with a variety of fresh fish unloaded at the port. the 2011 tsunami was a blow to the port, briefly suspending the unloading of fish. they are working on a miniature of the market, which didn't close, despite the suspension. >> translator: they're cardboard boxes. >> reporter: the couple looked more closely at areas they usually don't pay much attention to. they're checking to make sure they haven't missed anything in the miniature. they also asked women working at the market what they thought of the replica. row. >> reporter: the women mentioned the salmon row that local people savor on steaming hot rice. it's a popular dish for the people of hachunihu. back home, the couple took everyone's opinions into account and added their final touches.
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akiyo made red glass beads about one millimeter in size. each of the beads is covered with glue to make them look like salmon row. >> translator: shouldn't there be more of them? >> reporter: hitoshi is working on the cardboard boxes. it finally took them half a year to complete the work. the mini cardboard boxes are piled up. and the tiny pieces of deep red salmon row that were so tough to pick up. the completed miniature reminds people of the vigor of their market.
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the loads of fresh fish and the women's cheerful laughter. >> translator: i hope the replica makes people smile and cheers them up. >> translator: just like my husband, my only wish is to see people smile. >> reporter: the couple has infused the miniature with their cheerful wishes, and they say they'll keep on doing it. strong winds kick up a sandstorm. our jonathan oh is here with the latest. jonathan? >> hello, gene. a lot of the discussion when it comes to the weather is about the rainy season. a very different scenario coming out of there. a sandstorm kicked up in the area sunday due to high winds up to 50 miles an hour at times. visibility was reduced to less than 50 meters during the height of the day.
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the storm caused power outages across the area. sandstorms this time of year are common. as the storms move overhead, they end up kicking up the dust. now, it looks like that as we continue on through the next couple of days. that system will be continuing to push toward the east. another low pressure system in the northeastern portions of china bringing instability into korean peninsula. the rainy system continues to bring plenty of rain into japan. we do have another system down toward the south. we have the stationary front that we have been talking about in southern china. but, along with the monsoonal setup, we are seeing low pressure that has now developed into a tropical depression. it looks like we have to focus on this particular one, because it is going to bring plenty of rainfall into southern taiwan and the northern portions of the
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philippines. now, the western coast of lazhan is probably the hardest hit area as we progress through the week. that's what we are expecting because of the way the system is positioned bringing all that moisture in. looking out for the possibility of flooding and landslides as we continue through the next few days. definitely be aware of this weather system. 33 degrees for a high on tuesday from manila. 29 with a chance in taipei and hong kong. with a chance for thunderstorms. as we take a look at the americas, we are looking out for this low-pressure system. that is tracking across the central plains. this low pressure system has enough energy to bring severe thunderstorms and also plenty of rainfall extending from nebraska into the deep south. so if you are anywhere in that area, please make sure that you are watching out for the possibility of some strong winds, large hail, maybe an isolated tornado. also, concerned about some flash flooding. heavy downpours will take place in this area as we progress through our monday. meanwhile, on the west coast, a very different weather scenario. very warm temperatures. highs will be moving into the
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low 40s as we go throughout our monday from fresno into las vegas and palm springs. expect these temperatures to remain as we go through the middle of the week. also, look out for the possibility of fire dangers. a lot of these areas are also very, very dry. the winds may be kicking up to enhance those conditions. we take a look at europe and we are watching out for the low pressure system that is located to the west of the continent. it is bringing in plenty of moisture and also instability and because of that system along with the low located near france, we are looking at the possibility of severe weather. some of the highest and strong storms that we have seen thus far from monday into tuesday. specially for the northern portion of france into luxembourg and the netherlands. from poland into the northern of spain, you need to look out for the possibility of severe weather. the central portion of europe, highs in the low 30s. very warm for this time of year. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here is your extended outlook.
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a steam locomotive made in japan 70 years ago is once again carrying passengers in taiwan. about 240 people traveled on the ct-273 to mark railway day. the engine was known as the lady for its elegant form. it was produced in japan in 1943. and sent to taiwan. the locomotive was in service until 1979. the taiwan railways administration spent two years restoring the vehicle with help from retired mechanics. >> translator: i've never ridden in a steam locomotive before. it's exciting. >> railway officials plan to
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show the locomotive at special events. that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. -- captions by vitac --
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